I’m a lifelong Democrat and County Treasurer for Thurston County, recommending Republican Duane Davidson for State Treasurer.

This year we Democrats must choose from two candidates, Duane Davidson and someone much less qualified.  I picked Davidson because of his experience and character.  We can trust him to be a competent and reasonable public servant.

His opponent doesn’t understand the basics of the job, which is why he’s made some outlandish campaign promises.  Don’t be fooled.

Duane Davidson has the endorsement of every Democratic County Treasurer in the state, Senate Democratic Leader Sharon Nelson, former State Treasure Mike Murphy and many more.  He also has the support of leading Republicans.

For many, the fact he’s endorsed by nine newspapers, and his opponent just one newspaper will be very important.   Some papers even warned that his opponent could harm the state through risky investments.

The people who understand this race the best, who know best what a State Treasurer does, have picked Duane Davidson.


Shawn Myers
Thurston County Treasurer